Which Airlines Have The Best Trained Pilots?

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On the one hand, getting a pilot job is not easy, be it an air force pilot or a civilian pilot. On the other hand, working as a pilot for an airline is also challenging.

A pilot has many responsibilities when in the air. While flying, a pilot needs to look after the safety of the crew and the passengers, and perform many technical tasks. 

All these are very stressful. Pilots undergo rigorous pilot training to perform such activities effectively.

Airline companies at large have well-trained pilots. But some airlines have the best ones.

In the United States, major airlines like Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines have the best-trained airline pilots. 

These companies when picking experienced pilots, pick the ones who are well educated, well certified, and who have done thousands of flight hours for regional airlines. After selection, pilots undergo rigorous training which includes training using flight simulators and other methods.

Similarly, new pilots who get recruited to these airlines also undergo rigorous training. 

New hires start their training on learning the policies and procedures of the airlines which lasts for more than two weeks. After this, they undergo aircraft-specific training.

Overall, when it comes to major airlines in the United States, Delta, American, Alaska, Southwest, and United Airlines are the airlines with some of the best pilots.

Which US Airline Has The Best Pilots?

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All airlines in the US have good pilots working for them. That said, there are few airlines that have extraordinary pilots. 

One airline that tops the list is Southwest Airlines. Apart from handling the technicalities of the aircraft, pilots of Southwest are also service oriented.

As soon as passengers board the plane, pilots along with flight attendants are there to introduce themselves and greet the passengers. Once the plane has landed, they make themselves available to thank passengers for flying with the airline.

Seeing these small gestures, passengers rated Southwest pilots as among the best in the airline industry.

Which US Airlines Pay Pilots The Most?

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In the US, there are a few major airlines that compensate their pilots with generous pay. Along with generous pay, they also offer several benefits that make them a great place to work for.

Southwest Airlines is one such airline that pays the highest salary and offers some exciting benefits to its pilots. The airline is currently the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

The pilots working for this airline get a median annual wage of $221,636 which is the highest in the US. A first officer can earn a salary from $84,000 to $191,000 depending on the total number of years they have flown an aircraft. 

Along with Southwest, United Airlines, and Delta also top the list.

United Airlines fly all over the world. The flights fly from major destinations in the US like San Francisco, Denver, and others.

This airline also ranks among the top airlines that pay excellent pay packages to their pilots. A typical United pilot gets an average salary of $205,164 per year.

Delta Air Lines is one of the oldest airlines in the US flying to more than 330 destinations. A Delta pilot can earn an average salary of $192,336 per year.

The most experienced pilots of Delta who have a number of flight hours under their belt can earn much more.

Best Commercial Pilots In The World By Country

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To become a commercial airline pilot, a bachelor’s degree (typically a three-year or four-year degree) is not necessary. A high school degree is enough.

Countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and most European countries like Germany offer some of the best flight training schools for commercial pilot training. Also, for individuals who are looking to become flight engineers, these countries offer some of the best flight engineering courses. 

Individuals who get trained in these schools can get their hands on a commercial pilot certificate easily and work for the best commercial airlines.

Apart from offering excellent training, these countries also produce the best commercial pilots. As these countries recruit a good flight instructor in their schools, the pilots in these countries are top-notch and well-trained.

To get a commercial pilot license, every country has laid out certain requirements. For example, in the US, the Federal Aviation Administration mandates the individual to be at least 18 years of age for acquiring a commercial license.

Which Country Has Most Demand For Pilots?

The aviation industry in China is booming thereby the demand for pilots is massive in this part of the world. According to reports countries like China and India will be responsible for half of the aviation growth in the next 20 years. 

More and more Chinese passengers are undertaking air travel to and from this region. Due to the increase in air travel, Chinese airlines have increased their fleet

In 2015, the Chinese general aircraft were around 1000 and in 2020, this has increased to around 2000. 

In the last year, the general aircraft fleet was around 3000. The fleet will further increase in the coming years as well.

This means the demand for pilots is high now and will also be in the future as well. Future pilots have great job prospects in the Chinese aviation market in the coming years.

Which Country Has Shortage Of Pilots?

The pilot shortage is more in the Asian continent. Particularly, countries like China and India are in need of pilots.

China’s air travel has picked up massively in recent years. Due to this, they have increased their airline fleet.

That said, they don’t have enough pilots. They are in need of pilots.

The situation is so bad that they are rolling out huge pay packages for pilots. Chinese airlines are offering an average pay of around $300,000 per year. 

This pay is massive and might be the only country in the world that is offering such an exuberant package for pilots.

Even the United States has a shortage of pilots. During the pandemic, most airlines to cut costs offered pilots early retirement packages and many took them.

Now, as air travel has picked up, they are in need of pilots. 

Best Paying Airlines For Pilots

In the United States, Southwest Airlines is one of the top US major airlines offering the best pay packages. As mentioned earlier, a pilot gets an average pay of $221,636 per year.

Along with Southwest Airlines, pilots of United Airlines are also well paid. Apart from good salaries, pilots are offered medical insurance and free flights to name a few.

Particularly, the new pilots are paid very well. In fact, United Airlines offers the highest pay for new pilots.

When talking of airlines out of the US, airlines such as Lufthansa, Air China, and Qatar Airways provide excellent salaries.

  • Lufthansa:

It is the biggest airline in Germany. The airline is one of the highest paying airlines in the world as well.

The captains of this airline receive an average pay package of 180,000 Euros per year.

  • Air China:

It is one of the three biggest airlines in China. The airline is headquartered in Beijing.

Air China offers one of the best salary packages in the world. For experienced captains, it pays a salary from $180,000 to $309,600.

  • Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways is one of the most popular airlines in the world. It flies to more than 150 foreign destinations.

The first officers get average pay of around $83,0000 to $130,000 approximately. Senior captains are paid from $170,000 to $190,000 approximately.

Which Airline Has The Worst Pilots?

Every airline has well-trained aviators. There is no way to establish which airlines have the worst pilots.

Sometimes pilots have bad days, but that doesn’t mean they are not good at their profession. So, it is not possible to say that any airline has bad pilots.

FAQ Relating To Which Airlines Have The Best Trained Pilots

What Airline Company Has The Best Pilots?

There are many commercial airlines within the US and around the world that have excellent pilots. Particularly, major airlines hire the best pilots.

In the United States, major airlines like Southwest Airlines have typically excellent pilots. Outside the US, Qatar works with some of the best pilots in the world.

What Airline Treats Their Pilots The Best?

In the United States, most airlines treat their pilots well. 

Delta Air Lines is one such airline that treats pilots well. Along with Delta, United, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines are also some of the best airlines for pilots.

These airlines offer good pay packages and attractive benefits like insurance, free flights, etc.

When it comes to airlines outside the US, Lufthansa, Qatar, and Emirates are also good places for pilots to work. Their pay is attractive, offers a number of benefits, and most importantly they are well-recognized brands in the world.

What Is The Best Major Airline To Fly For As A Pilot?

In the US, United Airlines is considered the best major airline to work for. This is because the airline treats pilots with respect.

In addition to this, the airline also has a good safety record. The airline hasn’t reported any fatal accidents in the past ten years.

This is one reason why this airline attracts many pilots. The other reason is the airline also offers the best salary packages in the market.

Outside the US, Qatar Airways is considered to be the best major airline that offers the best paying packages to its pilots and provides many attractive benefits.

Who Is the No 1 Pilot In The World?

There is a long list of the best pilots in the world. In the list, most of them are military pilots and private pilots.

The person who tops the list is Mr. Charles Lindbergh. He was the first transatlantic pilot who flew a private plane from New York to Paris non-stop.

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