Is Pilot a Dangerous Job?

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Yes, the profession of Pilot is without a doubt, a dangerous job. It is listed in the Top 10 most dangerous jobs in America.

A pilot isn’t just putting his life at risk the minute he leaves his home for the airport. But he/she is also responsible for the safety and lives of 100+ passengers on board.

Plus, they are also vulnerable to emotional problems and physical health challenges like stress and fatigue.

Why Is Being a Pilot Dangerous?

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Being a pilot is dangerous for a multitude of reasons. Did you know that the fatality rate of is higher for flying compared to driving?

But that doesn’t mean that accidents happen more with airplanes. According to statistics, it is a known fact that more accidents happen on ground than on air.

Cars often get into accidents compared to plane crashes and technical issues. You have to understand that the question here refers to ‘Most Dangerous’ and not one which causes ‘More Accidents.’

Yes, they get paid a lot because of their job role. But let’s not forget the fact that they are responsible for hundreds of human lives in just a single flight.

This responsibility puts a ton of pressure on a pilot because they have to remain highly vigilant at all times. One silly mistake could have deadly consequences.

In this way, pilots become easily prone to health-related problems like Stress and Insomnia. And some of them even face an array of health risks, which uniquely come with their job i.e.,

  • Increasing Rates of Skin Cancer
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, and
  • Extreme Dehydration.

What Problems Do Pilots Have?

Aviation is a fun and exciting field. Pilots get to make a lot of money and travel the world but there are some challenges that come along the way:

  • They are responsible for finalizing decisions on board in every flight.
  • Pilots should be fully aware of the weather changes.
  • A pilot must also know how to operate all the instruments on board inside the cockpit.
  • They should be ever ready to execute emergency landings when a situation calls for it.
  • It is their job to know all the tiny details of operating an aircraft
  • Most importantly, the lives of people are at stake. It becomes their responsibility every day at their job.

Is Pilot a Hard Job?

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Yes, the job of a pilot is anything but easy. Why/ well, it’s because they need to possess both the academic skills and knowledge.

For most folks, we require one over the other but a pilot needs to have both. A pilot has to be well versed in everything i.e., how an airliner works, the knowledge, and the rules of flying.

Most pilots usually have an engineering degree or a technical background. It’s extremely hard because both mental and physical fortitude comes into play here.

You have to have a lot of guts to become a pilot because it takes the utmost physical courage. If a pilot messes up on board, then he or she is putting the lives of not only himself but all the crew and passengers at risk.

A pilot doesn’t just have to fly the plane but he or she has to simultaneously tackle other responsibilities. This includes navigating, managing the charts, and talking on the radio all at the same time.

They should also remain composed inside the cockpit to get rid of the claustrophobic sensations, especially in small planes. A pilot also has to adjust himself to the numerous permutations regarding which seat to take and what role to play.

Depending on the plane, the pilot’s seat can be on the right or left. So, a pilot has to adjust to that even though they aren’t used to sitting on a specific side of the seat while flying.

Pilots also have to be on guard and ready when an instrument fails. This includes computers, engines, radios, hydraulic pumps, and flight controls.

Airline pilots also have a tough time because they are expected to be reliable when a plane behaves without and with automatic functioning. They should possess the knowledge on how a plane should operate if all or some of the redundant systems misbehave or fail.

What’s The Hardest Part of Being a Pilot?

Yes, the study and training in becoming a pilot is one tough cookie. But the hardest part of being a pilot is your responsibility for the crew and all the passengers.

Is Pilot a Good Job in the Future?

Yes, piloting as a future career is one of the best decisions you will make. But you do have to be prepared in going through rigorous studying, training, and tests to become one.

Here’s why we believe it’s one of the best jobs in the future:

Upskilling Yourself

When you are a pilot, you have the chance to learn and adopt many new skills. You have access to multiple opportunities in skill advancement once you become a regular pilot and complete all your necessary flight hours.

Here, you can choose to become a flight instructor or captain by undergoing training. Both these roles define seniority and a fat paycheck.

Travelling Opportunities

The best part of being in the aviation industry is the chance to travel all over the world. There are pilots and crew members who travel to 5 different cities in just one day.

Pilots can always visit new places and experience the culture during their off days. And based on your expertise and the airline company, you can even have the privilege of choosing the place to fly to.

Be expectant to witness different people, climates, and cultures as an established pilot.

Salary, Respect & More

Pilots, especially the commercial ones are blessed with handsome paychecks. Their average annual salary is quite impressive.

Once a pilot has more experience, qualifications, and longevity in the business, the salary increases in exorbitant amounts. In this way, pilots enjoy a comfortable living.

Plus, pilots also get a lot of respect in the society like military people who serve the country.

Is Being a Pilot Fun?

Yes, of course! the life of a pilot is definitely fun. One gets to travel all over the world, earn good money, and meet people from all walks of life.

Disadvantages of Being a Pilot

With the good also comes the bad. Here are some of the shortcomings associated with this job role:

  • A pilot needs to have a fat bank account because of the expenses that come in the first few years in working as one. For instance, if you are at a BAA training attending a ‘Wizz Air Cadet Course,’ then you will have to incur a lot of expenses.
  • Pilots also have to go through 10+ exams for obtaining a pilot license, which will permit them to fly a commercial airplane.
  • It is also normal for pilots to fly many hours on aircraft and simulators with smaller engines. This doesn’t just take time but will also set you back on tons of money on each hour flown if you fail to attend a cadet course.
  • The life of a pilot is quite hectic and doesn’t come with the best schedule. So, one major disadvantage is them missing out on special family occasions.
  • This job role also demands a lot of stress. There is a ton of pressure because of the responsibility that comes in flying the plane and keeping the passengers safe.

Disadvantages of Being a Female Pilot

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The ratio of male to female pilots is highly segregated. About 7.3% of the FAA Pilot Certifications in the United States is held by women.

It’s hard for female pilots, especially because it’s a male dominated field. Here are some of the drawbacks that come with this territory for women:

  • Divisiveness in the aviation field is caused by both conscious and sub-conscious neglect for women. This leads to a bias against the female gender compared to males because they are seen and treated as inferior.
  • There have been many cases of SA (Sexual Assault) in the aviation business with women. The TV Series called ‘Pan Am,’ illustrates sexual harassment experienced by women in this business.
  • Most women or pilots in general have a tough time balancing and maintaining their work and personal life. So, it’s extremely difficult for female pilots whose kids might need them at home.


Is Pilot the Most Dangerous Job?

It is a dangerous job, but it doesn’t get the tag of being the ‘Most Dangerous.’ Fishing and Hunting Workers secure the #1 spot for being the most dangerous job in the world.

It’s because the rate of fatal injury is 132.1 for every 100,000 workers.

How Dangerous Is Pilot Training?

Pilot training isn’t dangerous in comparison to actually flying as a working pilot. You have instructors and other help present at your disposal to provide all the help you need.

What Are the Negatives of Being a Pilot?

It definitely has to be the busy schedule that causes them to miss out on family occasions. Plus, the stress and mental blocks do act as challenges in this field.

What Are the Chances of a Pilot Dying?

The fatality rate for pilots on average in a 6-Year timeframe amounted to 52.2 deaths per 100,000. This brings a fatality rate of only 0.052%.

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