How Much Do Pilots Make in Canada?

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Commercial pilots are in high demand in Canada. There is a variety of opportunities that you can explore if you are a licensed pilot in Canada. Be it working with their national airlines or multiple regional service providers, there are many interesting job opportunities that you can get. 

The pay scales for pilots are not very linear in Canada – especially if you want to shift between jobs, However, the salaries are quite lucrative and appealing. 

On average, pilots make 90,000 US dollars annually in Canada. 

While entry-level positions start at 55,000 US dollars, the most experienced pilots take home 107,250 US dollars annually. 

How much do pilots make in Canada per month?

Being a pilot in Canada is among the most lucrative careers there. Along with competent industry pay, opportunities to grow are endless. A commercial pilot in Canada earns a significantly good amount per month. 

The average per-month pay for a pilot in Canada is 3,458 US dollars. Obviously, the pay scale is higher for the more experienced pilots. 

How much do pilots make in Canada per hour

In Canada, you can work up to 40 hours a week as a salaried employee. Any hours you put in beyond that would get you overtime. It is essential to know the per-hour pay structure for any job. 

Pilots in Canada earn a handsome sum of money for their services every hour. The average per-hour pay for pilots in Canada is 14.16 US Dollars. 

Starting salary of pilot in Canada

When you start as a pilot in Canada, your first job won’t be with an airline carrier. You would begin your career by flying a small single-engine piston aircraft. Or you would become a flight instructor. 

These jobs pay well and you could earn 20-35 US dollars. The pay would depend on your skills, experience, and the kind of aircraft you are working with. 

It’s important to note that the payment is only for flight hours. In most cases, pre-flight and post-flight duties won’t fetch you any extra money. 

The gradual progression then is to the first officer position at a small commuter airline or a charter company. As starting salary, you can get up to 30,000 US dollars annually. 

Is aviation a good career in Canada?

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While aviation studies are quite costly to pursue, the career perks are stellar in this space. It will take you around 18 months of formal training to get a commercial pilot’s licence. Then, you will have to spend another 18 months as a flight instructor or flying a regional career. It’s only after that you can start formally as a pilot for a national carrier. 

These are the factors that you must consider before pursuing a career in aviation in Canada:

  • It requires a lot of patience and hard work to get a career in aviation. The course fees are also quite high. 
  • Aviation remains one of the most attractive industries to work in for its high average pay and the quality of experiences it offers. 
  • The demand for commercial pilots and other aviation careers is steadily rising in Canada.
  • As many existing commercial pilots inch towards retirement, the next decade is the golden period to join the Canadian aviation industry. 
  • The salaries are handsome, and associated perks will keep you content. You can enjoy a fancy lifestyle while working as a pilot. 

There could be a little crunch when it comes to personal life. But nothing that can’t be worked around with the right planning and attitude. 

How much do pilots make in Ontario

The home to the capital city of Canada, Ontario offers high salaries across sectors. Their pay packages for aviators are also quite lucrative. 

A pilot in Ontario earns 107,000 US dollars on average. The mean hourly pay is between 45-50 US dollars. You can also get up to 3,975 US dollars annually in various bonuses. 

The salary is amongst the highest in Ontario for pilots. You can lead a lavish lifestyle with this salary. 

Pilot salary Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant city in Ontario. The dynamic metropolis has some interesting options for those who want a career in aviation. The salaries are best for pilots. A captain would earn more than a first pilot. 

The pay scale is quite high for pilots in Toronto. Much like Ontario, pilots in Toronto take home an average annual package of 107,000 US dollars. The hourly pay ranges between USD40 and USD 50. 

Air Canada pilot salary 2022

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The flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada offer the best salaries to its pilots. Your salary will depend on a lot of factors. Which plane you are flying, which routes your airline cover, and years of services, etc. determine your pay. 

Air Canada’s salaries for pilots, on average, are the highest in Canada. On average, you can earn up to 80,604 US dollars annually. 

A highly experienced pilot can earn up to 208,214 US dollars annually when flying for Air Canada. 

Along with high wages, Air Canada offers several other perks and benefits to its pilots. It is one of the best places to work for if you are in the aviation industry. 

First officer pilot salary Canada

A first officer is the commercial airline pilot responsible for navigating the flights. The second-in-command, the first pilot operates the flight under a captain. 

First officers earn a great salary in Canada. On average, a first pilot can earn up to 85,845 US dollars. 

First officers have a long career and the payscales keep rising incrementally. Once you become the caption, you pay scale will rise even further. 

Private pilot salary Canada

Want to take your friends and family out on a flight? Or you are just starting your career as a commercial pilot and need some practice? You can choose to get a private pilot license in Canada. 

A private pilot can pilot carry passengers and provides for limited business use of an aeroplane. A new private pilot can fly any non-turbojet aeroplane which weighs less than 12,500 pounds.

A private pilot earns up to 52,185 US dollars annually. If you are flying for leisure purposes or with friends/family, you can divide the flying costs between the passengers. 

Is private pilot license worth it?

It is a loaded question and boils down to what you want to do after getting the license. If it is just for hobby and leisure, it won’t make sense for you if you can’t afford a private plane. 

But if you want to pursue a professional career in flying, it is good to have a private pilot license. It will help you practice. Flying a lighter aircraft at lower altitudes will familiarise you with plane controls better. If you have a private pilot license, you can also enjoy some leisure time flying. 

It is a good learning exercise. 

FAQ relating to how much pilots make in Canada

All aspiring pilots and aviation students have multiple questions when it comes to pilot salaries. The field is quite challenging and requires a lot of monetary and time investment. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the return on investment. These questions can be helpful:

How much a pilot earns in Canada?

There is no straight answer to it, honestly. It depends on your experience, skillsets, the carrier you are working with, and the hours you put in. But it is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. 

A pilot earns USD 90,000 on average. The more experienced pilots can earn upto 30-50% more than the average pay. 

Are pilots well paid in Canada?

Yes, the aviation industry pays the best salaries in Canada. The starting range of salary is way above the minimum wage requirements in the country. 

Along with a handsome salary, several carriers give multiple perks, insurance, and health benefits to their employees. 

How much do Air Canada pilots make an hour?

The national carrier for Canada, Air Canada pays the most competitive salaries to its pilots in Canada. You will be earning the maximum amongst your counterparts if you pilot with Air Canada. 

The starting salary for the first officer is USD 56 per hour. For a captain, the average salary is USD 277 per hour. The average wages are USD 157 and USD 286 per hour, respectively. 

The top salary ranges between USD 190 and USD 298 for the first pilot and the captain, respectively. 

What is the highest paid pilot?

It takes a lot of time and experience to become the highest paid pilot in Canada. It’s smart to stick to one airline instead of changing jobs. 

Most airlines would not hire you for a captain post directly, no matter how much experience you have. A steady career progression will get you good salaries in the Canadian aviation industry. 

The captain is the highest paid pilot position in Canada. Air Canada offers the highest salaries in the industry. Air Canada Captains with a lot of seniorities earn more than $400,000 CAD per year towards the end of their retirement.

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