How Much Do Fighter Pilots Make?

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As per estimates the average salary of a fighter pilot is approximately $83673 per annum in the United States. It is around 9% below the average salary received by pilots in the USA Air force.

However, this number presents the median depending on the salaries received by different individuals in the profession.

How much do fighter pilots make in the Navy?

The average pay package of a US Navy pilot per year is around $72056. As per an estimate, it is 35% of the average National salary.

The salaries of military pilots can vary significantly. Therefore it is important to find out how much pilots in the forces get paid. Typically the average salary range is $80000-$85000 per annum.

Unlike civilian salaries, military personnel does not get paid depending on particular responsibilities or job titles. Every job in the armed forces contributes significantly to national success. So there is always a basic pay for all military salaries depending on the year of service and rank.

The salary of a military pilot is around $85000 per year. The longer a person serves as a military pilot the more many they will make.

A pilot needs to be willing to put in time and effect to achieve higher pay in the military. The monthly pay ranges from $6600 and $7100.

Someone starting as a pilot with less than 2 years of experience will make $3500 every month. The payout will increase to around $4384 after they spend 4 years in service.

The military pilot salaries are all the same for people in the same rank with the same experience. It is also applicable to drone pilots.

The average drone pilot’s salary is similar to the salary of other military pilots with 3 to 6 years of experience.

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How long is the Navy Fighter Pilot contract?

In most cases, the officers have a 4-year commitment to active due to service. Pilots normally have 10-year active duty contracts.

Both air battle managers and combat system officers have a 6-year commitment after the conclusion of the corresponding training.

In the Navy, aviators get assigned to fleet squadrons for a period of 2 to 3 years. The deployment is once or twice for 6 month period at overseas locations or aboard ships.

How much do F-18 pilots make?

The salary of an F-18 pilot is between $98356 per year and can go up to over $125000 at the highest level of seniority.

It is important to note that the salaries are almost the same for officers holding a similar rank. The military does not pay extra depending on job classification.

Salaries mostly remain the same based on rank and years of experience.

How much do air force pilots make an hour?

Normally the hourly wage for a pilot in the US military is close to $47. The hourly salary range is between $41 and $53.

Hourly rates can vary significantly based on factors like certification, skills, education, and several years.

Do military pilots get flight pay?

A military pilot is an excellent career opportunity. The candidates get an enjoyable and more lucrative civilian flying career after the military service.

One of the most critical aspects of joining the military is the pay and benefits. Aircrew members receive flight pay commonly known as aviation career incentive pay. It starts at around $150 per month.

Over time the incentive and increase to $1086 depending on the length of their flying career. Pilots will only receive flight pay during their light duty.

There is another allowance when they are engaged in online assignments.

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What is the highest-paying job in the Air?

The United States Air force provides officers with an opportunity to attend technical school. It gives them the necessary education to explore new career opportunities in the Air force.

There are several positions in the air force offering significantly higher pay packages. Air traffic controllers make close to $85750.

They are responsible for directing aircraft and monitoring aircraft. Air traffic controllers communicate with pilots and inform them about critical data.

The salary of a pilot in the Air force is over $115,085. Pilots are responsible for efficiently flying airplanes and helicopters while keeping in touch with air traffic controllers.

They analyze light plans, monitor weather conditions, inspect equipment functionality, calculate fuel accurately, and perform other related duties.

  • Financial management analyst

Financial management analysts guide organizations in making impound investments. In the Air force, financial management analysts look after the distribution of supplies, equipment, and services.

They analyze various investment options and evaluate the risk level. They also assemble reports and spreadsheets for the presentation of vital information.

  • Health and safety manager

Health and safety managers are responsible for minimizing potential accidents and work issues. In the Air force, the individual is crucial for maintaining accurate military operations.

Safety managers received training in consultation and risk assessment with other individuals and organizations. They received close to $63000 per annum.

  • Command center operator

Command center operators have an annual package of over $87970. They are responsible for efficient communication and information regulation in emergencies.

Command center operators are the first point of contact in emergency requirements. The officials receive training to respond to such situations and assist security personnel.

How long do Air Force pilots serve?

Air force pilots normally have 10 years of service commitment. It begins from the day of completing the training and receiving an aeronautical rating.

Airmen serving in these roles get evaluated for the continuation of service till the completion of the commitment period.

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Fighter pilot salary per month

A candidate needs to put in a sufficient amount of time and effort to be able to get a higher salary as a military pilot. The average yearly salary of a military pilot is between $80630 and 85860.

The monthly payout is within the range of $6650 and $7180. Several factors are taken into consideration for the salary of a military pilot.

How much does a top gun pilot make?

Salaries for military pilots mostly depend on rank and years of experience. With every promotion in rank, they received a salary increase.

However, after a specific number of years, the salary remains the same. It is to encourage members to qualify for promotion to the following rank.

The salaries of a pilot with ranks 07 to rank 010 ranges between $1089000 annually. It will never exceed the Level II rate of pay.

Following are some of the salaries that show progression as a military pilot:

  • 2nd Lieutenant, O1

$37000 to $47000

  • 1st Lieutenant, O2:

$48000 to $59000

  • Captain, O3

$56000 to $80000

  • Major, O4

$65000 to $94000

  • Lieutenant Colonel, O5

$73000 to $111000

  • Colonel, O6

$86000 to $139000

  • Brigadier General, O7

$108,000 to $154,000

  • Major General, O8


  • Lieutenant General, O9


  • General, O10


 Navy fighter pilot requirements

Individuals with a strong desire for aviation can look to become naval aviators. The variety of responsibilities and strong earning potential make it a lucrative career opportunity.

Requirements to become a Navy fighter

A navy fighter is an officer in the United States Navy who has received training as a pilot. The majority of the aviators in the US Navy are categorized as restricted line officers.

They are eligible for command at sea. Some of the senior officers and limited duty officers can also receive training as naval aviators.

The US Navy provides a perfect balance between operational, academic, and star engagement. The career of a naval pilot has largely influenced price events around the world.

Typically Navy pilots have to complete two flying tours that extend over 6 years. The officer also gets the opportunity to complete more tours abroad if they are commanding a squadron or air wings. 

  • Obtaining a College degree
  • Becoming a commission officer
  • Successfully passing the aviation selection test
  • Attending flights
  • Getting a specialization

FAQ relating to how much fighter pilots make

Do fighter pilots make good money?

The average annual salary for us Air force pilots is approximately $78760. It is considered 43% above the national average.

It is an estimate based on the median salary received by pilots in the military.

How much do F-22 pilots make?

If 22 pilots receive special training for flying specific fighter aircraft. As they receive special training and have a higher rank the average annual salary is also significantly higher.

F-22 receives close to $67860 per year.

How much does a fighter pilot get a year?

The average payout for a military pilot in the United States is $78000. According to a survey it is 44% higher than the national average.

Pilots that serve for a longer duration in the military are unlikely to get a higher pay package based on rank and experience.

How much do F-16 pilots make?

The salary of an F-16 pilot is close to $85000 annually. Pilots serving for more than 20 years in the military can get over $113,567 annually.

Besides, there are additional benefits and incentives based on the duty hours of a pilot.

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