How Much Do Fedex Pilots Make?

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Like the different passenger airlines, the pay of a FedEx pilot will differ depending on the airplane they fly, as well as the number of hours they fly during every bid period. The FedEx pilots have a reserve and monthly guarantee of 74 hours.

At Federal Express, the pay varies between 47,952.00 USD every year for a fresh first officer and 199,800.00 USD annually for a senior pilot.

How many hours does a FedEx pilot work?

The flight schedules for a FedEx pilot are 5 days on and 2 days off, either from Tuesday to Saturday or from Monday to Tuesday. Several FedEx pilots start their career in the organization as “Floaters”.

They fill in as per the requirements, which can be compared to the reserve schedules for pilots at many airlines. Such a schedule includes plenty of short days in a week. FedEx pilots have a 74-hour guarantee of reserve and monthly flying.

 How many days does a FedEx pilot work?

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A FedEx pilot has to usually work for five days a week. They have the option of flying for Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday. It also means they get two days off every week.

 How many hours does it take for a FedEx flight?

It can take anywhere in the range of 12 to thirty-six hours. Usually, it depends on where the packages must be dropped and what time the clients want these to get delivered.

For instance, if you are on the country’s west coast and you may have deliver the package to the East Coast. It is going to take around 12 hours, if you wish to deliver the packages on the East Coast the next morning.

How much does a FedEx pilot make an hour

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If you are flying for FedEx, you fall withing the category of highest-paying professionals among the American carriers.

A FedEx pilot having the highest levels of experience can be earning about 313 USD per hour. The maximum level of experience at FedEx is fifteen years.

FedEx pilot salary 2022

FedEx has a global freight fleet, which carries and delivers millions of transport packages throughout the world. Each month, the logistics company offers service to millions of individuals and 10s of thousands of ventures.

The organization currently employs more than 5,000 pilots and more than 100 of its pilots retire every year. Working as a pilot in FedEx is a much simpler job as compared to flying a commercial airplane.

At the same time, it still needs immense skill level and perseverance. That is the reason you could be wondering the kind of salary FedEx pilots get.

As on 2022, the average income of a FedEx pilot is 43,900 USD every year. The highest earning of a pilot who works in FedEx is in the range of 120,000 USD and 150,000 USD per annum.

At FedEx, pilots at the highest level are those with an experience of fifteen years. They are the captain pilots of the organization and get more than 280,000 USD annually.

How much do Amazon pilots make?

Typically, the salary of the Amazon pilot is about 79,431 USD. The salaries of the pilots at the retail giant fall between 39,767 USD and 228,547 USD. The estimate has been shared based on the salary reports of three Amazon pilots.

According to another report by Glassdoor, pilots working at Amazon get about 188,354 USD yearly. Also, the estimated base pay for these pilots is 111,793 USD per annum.

Their estimated additional earning is 76,561 USD every year. The Amazon Pilot’s additional pay comprise commission, stock, bonus, tips, or profit sharing.

UPS and FedEx pilot salary

Usually, the salary of the UPS Pilot is 241,134 USD every year. Additionally, the salaries of pilots at UPS can fall within the range of 77,845 USD and 629,706 USD each year.

Meanwhile, the average salary of a FedEx salary, according to a report by Indeed is 202,264 USD each year. The average salary is a whopping 267 percent above country’s average.

While the minimum pilot salary was 50,000 USD, the maximum was 455,000 USD. These figures were arrived based on the feedback of 11 employees and recent job advertisements on the portal in the past 3 years.

FedEx pilot lifestyle

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FedEx trusts its pilots, makes sure they are trained better than other companies, and takes extremely good care of them. Incidentally, Fred Smith, the original owner, Chairman, and CEO of FedEx was a pilot. A lion’s share of the organization’s earning has a direct link to FedEx Express.

These days, being a pilot of FedEx involves day and night flying both. It is imperative to note that night flying is not tougher on your body as compared to day flying if a pilot has proper sleep during the daytime.

Having said so, the company offers a lot of benefits apart from the regular pay to its pilots. FedEx’s newly recruited pilots frequently fly wide bodies.

Several pilots earn more than 200K in the second year of their jobs. There is a lot of extra flying, which means many of its pilots can earn up to 400+ in a year.

With the arrival of the peak season for shipping, FedEx Corp is paying its pilots (who are approaching their retirement age) lucrative bonuses. These bonuses are between between 40,000 USD and 110,000 USD to retain them till next year.

A couple of top managers of FedEx also revealed to Reuters that the organization came up with attractive cash bonuses to retain its retiring pilots.

Also, flying for the logistics giant is the top-paying job amid American carriers. Its 30-year pilots are earning approximately 300,000 USD excluding bonuses or overtime, according to industry sources.

What is a FedEx pilot schedule like?

FedEx is a premier logistics company. It pilots enjoy higher job security as compared to many other airlines or logistics companies where other pilots work.

In FedEx, the domestic schedule of its pilot can be split into 60:40-night operations. However, typically, the duty times at nights are shorter as compared to the night operation for pilots of passenger careers.

The work schedule of a FedEx pilot are 5 days on and 2 days off. There are two weekly cycles:

  • Monday to Friday or
  • Tuesday to Saturday

Is FedEx pilot a good job?

FedEx offers an attractive pay package and outstanding benefits for its pilots. It means if you work sincerely, you can expect good compensation. FedEx is an excellent organization for pilots to start their career.

It is also a top organization with outstanding management, excellent benefits, attractive retirement packages, and flexible schedules for pilots. The company is conservative and financially sound at the same time. FedEx allows its pilots to achieve their career goals.

FAQ relating to how much FedEx pilots make

Do FedEx pilots make as much as airline pilots?

The pilot’s compensation at FedEx is approximately at par with its rivals. However, it is slightly less than the pilot pays at a passenger airline.

Having said so, while the aviation sector, in general, is suffering from a shortage of pilots, FDX claims they do not face any issues while recruiting them

A pilot revealed to Yahoo Finance that they echoed the management sentiment. The employee insisted that the company offers some of the top-level jobs for airline pilots with excellent work-life balance and attractive contract terms.

How much do FedEx and UPS pilots make?

On average, the yearly pay of a FedEx Pilot in America is about 202,264 USD. It is 267 percent more than the country’s average. On the lower side, the rough annual salary of FedEx salary is 50,000 USD, and 455,00 USD om the high side.

An UPS pilot gets about 205,946 USD on average as their yearly pay. The salary of an UPS pilot is around 274 percent more than the country’s mean. The minimum salary of a UPS pilot was reported as 80,000 USD on the lower side and 3,89,000 USD on the higher side.

How much do FedEx 777 pilots make?

On average, the pilot of the FedEx 777 earns around 200,000 USD every year. The salaries of the pilots of FedEx 777 have a wide range.

Their salaries depend on multiple factors like location and experience level of the pilot. For instance, a senior pilot having an experience of 10-year in America can earn up to a maximum of 300,000 USD every year.

A pilot of FedEx might even earn up to 300,000 USD without calculating their bonus or overtime. Thus, he or she enjoys the status of the highest paid American carrier, according to some industry sources.

What is the highest paying Pilot job?

The highest paid pilots are usually captains in passenger airlines with the highest level of seniority. These captains typically have a flying experience of 35 to 40 years.

Having said so, even logistics giants, such as FedEx pay their pilots a reasonably good package and their salaries fall within the top-earning bracket of the aviation industry. 

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