How Do Fighter Pilots Pee?

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Imagine that you want to pee when you are flying above 30,000 feet altitude, while at the same time experiencing some extreme G Force. Scared? Anyone would be!

This does not sound fun at all and it is quite challenging to attend nature’s call in the skies too.

It is very common to have a question in our minds about how fighter pilots pee while flying their fighter planes.

Even natural is the fact that natural life processes cannot be avoided and there are ways how pilots can pee even while flying their super planes in the open air.

There is no doubt that fighter plane cockpits are brilliant masterpieces of some intricate technical work. There is a need here to understand clearly that fighter planes are built for speed and smooth maneuverability.

This means that there is almost negligible space for any comfort like going to the bathroom for nature’s call – to pee or poop. 

Going to the bathroom to pee during flights can be very uncomfortable and distracting.

This article presents an overview of how fighter jet pilots pee or poop on their supersonic planes. There are some frequently asked questions as well towards the end of the article. 

How do pilots pee on long flights?

This is a very curious question about how pilots pee on flights. Most of the fighter sorties runtime is around two to three hours, or even less. So, they already answer their nature call before boarding their planes.

However, at times, there may be more than five to ten hours of flight time. So, during long missions, they carry with them little pee bags which contain a material that is good at absorbing urine.

For instance, while flying over large ocean bodies like the Atlantic or Indin Ocean. So, they just pee in these bags and put them to the side. 

The entire urinating process takes roughly a minute. Thus, during this process of peeing, the pilots put the fighter jet on auto-pilot mode and quickly resume after peeing.

Though it is very important to not hold one’s pee, it is equally dangerous to take time off while flying. Such instances can be extremely distracting for fighter pilots.

Do pilots wear diapers?

Yes, why not! Just like Astronauts, pilots can wear diapers and they do wear them during their flights. However, fighter pilots receive training in tactical dehydration and therefore they may not need diapers.

Despite this, pilots wear diapers whenever they are on board a fighter plane.

The U.S. Air Force has created a replacement for the piddle packs. The only disadvantage with piddle packs is that the entire suit needs to be unzipped in order to pee into the bags.

They have created an apparatus that is wearable and detects urine for flushing it into the bag. This device is called AMXDmax (Advanced Mission Extender Device) which automatically detects urine.

It looks like tight-fitted shorts, black in colour which hides a cup (for males) or a pad (for females). Thus, there is no more a need for pilots to unzip their suits in the cockpit and easily pee while enjoying their flight.

Therefore, fighter pilots have these options to pee or poop during their flying time:

  • Diapers
  • Piddle packs
  • Advanced Mission Extender Device

How do female fighter pilots pee in flight?

Well, not very different than their male counterparts. Since it is difficult for female fighter pilots to pee in tubes or packets, they mostly wear diapers to urinate.

However, both the male and female fighter pilots are highly encouraged that they use the washrooms before they are ready for their flight to take off. 

Piddle packs are very useful during flying. These packs are specifically designed and have absorbent beads inside them. To pee inside these packs, the first step is to unzip the flight suit and then pee into the piddle pack.

After peeing, pilots seal the pack and the absorbent beads inside the pack convert it into a gel. This gel doesn’t leak when the plane flies at a supersonic speed.

However, this seems like a lot in a small compact area or cockpit and is much of a task to do. Therefore, diapers are a very good solution to peeing on fighter planes.

How do fighter pilots drink water?

It is very important for fighter pilots to stay hydrated. Dehydration may result in headaches and poor G Force tolerance. This can prove to be very dangerous at 30,000 feet altitude.

So how do fighter pilots drink water?

Most pilots carry with themselves their water bottles or even insert water bottle tubes for ease of drinking water. However, the majority of pilots prefer to drink enough water before stepping into their jets.

Though pilots can remove their masks for drinking or eating depending on the altitude of the cockpit, it is important to be very cautious as there might be a pressure difference.

Do fighter pilots wear diapers?

Yes, of course! Fighter pilots wear adult diapers so they do not have to worry about finding places to pee on their small planes. Wearing diapers is easy, convenient, and saves time.

It also helps pilots to simply focus on their flight and fly more comfortably with much ease. Diapers can be way more efficient than using piddle packs.

Owing to time constraints and extreme alertness on the plane, diapers prove to be more helpful.

How do u 2 pilots go to the bathroom?

What are U-2 pilots? U-2 pilots are the ones with a military background in flying. These could be fighters, tankers, bombers, or even trainee pilots.

U-2 pilots are no different when it comes to peeing on fighter planes. They pee in a similar fashion as those of the fighter pilots.

They also wear diapers which are convenient and comfortable. At times, just like other fighter pilots, U-2 pilots also pee prior to getting on board their planes.

What do fighter pilots wear under their flight suits?

Other than the diapers, fighter pilots wear a lot more inside their flight suits. Pilots may prefer to wear a range of things inside their flight suits.

This may also depend on their personal preferences. However, many pilots prefer wearing t-shirts, compression shorts, undergarments (of course!), and socks.

Sometimes, some pilots wear fire-resistant clothes inside. 

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How do fighter pilots not pass out?

This is one question that every surely wonders, especially the weak-hearted. So, here is the answer. Fighter pilots wear their anti-gravity suits during their flights.

These flight suits are built in such a way that squeezes the legs of the pilots during heavy maneuvers. This results in pushing more blood toward their heart.

However, it is seen that many fighter pilots lose consciousness while flying with great speed and force.

One needs to clearly understand what G-force is. Simply put, G Force is the gravitational force that is the Earth’s gravitational pull.

It is not a common experience for human beings as one experiencing G Force may sense excessive weight or tremendous force. This does leave a dangerous impact on the body.

Often, when the pilots accelerate the plane vertically upwards, they experience poor vision, increased heart rate, and blood pressure.

They may also experience blackouts. or loss of vision, blackouts, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

It is said that – ‘practice makes a person better’. Similarly, regular training help fighter pilots prepare for more G force, sometimes they may take more than twice the G force while flying.

This, therefore, prevents them from passing out while flying their planes. 

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FAQ relating to how fighter pilots pee

Common people, or rather people with no knowledge of flights or fighter planes, may fight the entire flying experience daunting.

Our human mind is such that it always has doubts and questions about something or anything.

Below are some frequently asked questions that are related to how fighter pilots pee while they fly their super-speed planes.

How does a fighter pilot poop?

It is usually rare for fighter pilots to poop while flying at high altitudes. However, one can never really tell when one would poop.

Everyone wonders how fighter pilots poop or urinate inside planes. As stated above, fighter pilots wear diapers in planes to urinate and poop too in times of emergency.

However, most pilots prefer to use the washroom and poop before they board their planes. Most fighter pilots also use piddle packs to poop or urinate on flights. 

Do jet fighter pilots wear diapers?

Yes. As stated above in the article, the jet fighter pilots do wear diapers. It only makes their journey more comfortable and convenient.

How did ww2 fighter pilots pee?

WW2 was fought between 1939 and 1944. The pilots during that time made sure they used the washroom to pee before stepping down on their planes.

Peeing in tubes was not easy as the pilots had to stay alert every time in the cockpit as the war was ongoing. 

How do female fighter pilots urinate in flight?

As stated above, female pilots also wear diapers inside their planes. Some prefer to urinate before getting inside their planes.

Female fighter pilots also prefer wearing Advanced Mission Extender Device (AMXD) as it is available with a sanitary pad or a diaper.

However again, wearing diapers inside their suits is quite convenient for short flights.

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