Can Pilots Take Adderall?

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Many airmen have questions about ADHD and Pilot Medical Certification. Many pilots uncover the FAA’s restrictions on prior ADHD diagnosis or treatment only after they begin the registration process, and thus are shocked by the stringent certification process. 

Even by the moment medical certification becomes an issue, a significant amount of money has already been spent on flying lessons.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by symptoms of inattention and/or impulsive behavior which intrude on functioning or development. ADHD affects about 5% of kids and often continues till adulthood, impacting approximately 2.5% of adults.

Adderall is a drug that is used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). 

The two amphetamine enantiomers levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine comprise Adderall and alleviate ADHD and narcolepsy symptoms. By increasing the activity of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain.

Adderall is generally safe and effective in the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy symptoms. At therapeutic doses, Adderall produces emotional and cognitive effects. 

The side effects of Adderall vary greatly between individuals. But the most common is insomnia, dry mouth, decreased appetite, and losing weight. 

However, due to the prominent reinforcing effects present at high doses, regular use of Adderall in relatively large daily doses carries a risk of addiction or dependence.

Before beginning flight school training, you must undergo a physical examination by a doctor to determine your fitness to fly. Pilots suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) face losing their certification if they reveal their condition.

Experts agree that the pilot is accountable for a minimum of 70% of aviation accidents.

According to NASA scientists, most accidents are caused by a failure in the pilot’s mental function. Interruptions and errors in aeronautical decision-making (ADM) are the most common. 

But if the ADHD pilots take medication to deal with ADHD, they are almost certain to have the same outcome. Especially since drug testing will almost certainly reveal one‘s use of the medication. 

ADHD is a neurological disorder characterized by “severe inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that impairs a person’s capacity to function in school, at work, or in social settings.” 2 People with ADHD are prone to forgetfulness, careless mistakes, and difficulty focusing.

Because of the dangers to flight safety that ADHD poses, regulatory authorities around the world consider ADHD to be a dismissible condition for pilots. The FAA necessitates a thorough assessment by a licensed psychologist to determine whether or not ADHD has an adverse impact.

It is best to consult with a psychologist who is familiar with the FAA’s particular protocols and standards. A HIMS Neuropsychologist determines an aero medically significant diagnosis of ADHD in the sight of the FAA through testing and evaluation.

Can private pilots take Adderall?

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), formerly known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and medications used to treat it. Such as Adderall, which can cause cognitive deficits that make a pilot unsafe to fly.

Adderall, like all other amphetamines and dextroamphetamine, is a stigmatizing medication for airman medical certification with the FAA. If you are taking Adderall, your application for medical certification will be denied. 

You will not be issued a medical certificate while taking Adderall. 

If you apply for medical certification and list Adderall as a medicine that you are currently taking. Your application will be automatically deferred by your Aviation Medical Examiner.

You must never submit a medical application to the FAA if you are currently taking Adderall. Instead, before submitting your application, talk to your physician about the prospect of discontinuing your medication use.

Can you be a private pilot with ADHD?

A person with ADHD can be a private pilot if they are not taking any FAA-restricted ADHD medications, such as Adderall. A person with ADHD can be a pilot but they cannot be treated, and they must pass the FAA waiver to obtain a third-class medical certificate.

After reviewing the waiver, the FAA will either deny it or grant the pilot an unrestrained or Special Issuance (SI) health certificate. If the pilot obtains a time-limited SI, additional monitoring and evaluation may be required. 

While time-consuming and costly, the FAA has formed this proof risk assessment protocol to protect both the pilot as well as the national airspace system. Based on the security risks posed by ADHD symptoms.

FAA Adderall waiver

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If you are taking any medications for ADHD treatment, you must obtain an FAA waiver. You must be on those medications for approximately 90 days before you can obtain that waiver. 

To obtain a waiver, you must first undergo a psychological evaluation by an FAA-certified psychologist. 

You’re demonstrating to that person that you’re not a problem when you’re not on medication. And that your ADHD will not emerge itself in a problematic manner while landing or taking off the flight. 

Then you notify the FAA that you’ve been off drugs for 90 days and send that psychiatric report to the FAA headquarters. 

If your psych evaluation is good, you’ll be provided with a waiver which will be attached to a reprinted medical card that you applied for. And that will be your first medical exam. 

Does the FAA drug test for Adderall?

Yes, the FAA conducts drug tests not only for Adderall but for all ADHD medications. To ensure that the applicant is not under the influence of any drugs that could be dangerous. 

If the pilot has quit the intake of ADHD medications. Then they must wait 90 days before FAA waiver testing and evaluation.

Can you be a commercial pilot with ADHD?

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Yes, but you can’t be treated with pharmacological subsets anymore. This brings up the point about being truthful during your medical examination. 

So recollect to raise it and discuss it. You will be recruited in this manner, and you must be dependable to glide a commercial plane.

A person with ADHD can become a commercial pilot. The procedure for passing the medical test for a pilot with ADHD symptoms is the same as for private pilots. 

Every person with ADHD symptoms must pass the FAA waiver to continue their medical test for the pilot, according to the FAA’s rule. This applies to commercial airlines as well.

Famous pilots with ADHD

Many Air Force pilots, as well as commercial and private pilots, have worked at a senior level for more than 15 years. These brave and determined Airmen are an inspiration to all youth suffering from ADHD. 

These famous airmen are the perfect example to show that not only ADHD people but everyone else can be anything they want to be.

What jobs are best for someone with ADHD?

The best jobs for people with ADHD are:

  • Chef
  • Salesperson or representative
  • Teacher
  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Pilot
  • Athlete
  • Gamer
  •  Can run a small business
  • Can be a nurse or in any other hospital-related works

FAA-approved ADHD medications

Many Air Force pilots, as well as commercial and private pilots, have worked at a senior level for more than 15 years. These brave and determined Airmen are an inspiration to all youth suffering from ADHD. 

These famous airmen are the perfect example to show that not only ADHD people but everyone else can be anything they want to be.

What medications are banned by FAA for pilots?

Airmen medical certificates are not issued to applicants who use these types of medications.

  • Anticholinergics (oral) (oral)
  • Substances Under Control an accessible prescription for any drug or substance, whether for long-term or intermittent use.
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Medication for angina
  • Hypertensive (centrally acting) (centrally acting)
  • Antimuscarinic medications for overactive bladder (OAB)
  • Psychotropic or psychiatric medications
  • Medication for seizures
  • Medication for weight loss
  • Aid for smoking cessation
  • High-dose steroids 

FAQ relating to whether can pilots take Adderall

Can you prescribe Adderall and be a pilot

Adderall is a commonly prescribed ADHD medication that you cannot take if you want to be a pilot. Thus, no, you cannot prescribe Aderrall and be a pilot because to pass the pilot medical exam, one must discontinue all ADHD medications.

Can you take ADHD medications and be a pilot?

Notably, treatments for ADHD are not accepted for use in the pilot’s seat because they can impair sensory perception, cognitive and motor functions, and impair fatigue recognition. 

Furthermore, their impact is time-limited, which is especially problematic if a dosage is managed to miss or if journey time surpasses the therapeutic effects of the drug.

Can you fly a plane if you have ADHD?

Yes, if you have ADHD, you can fly a plane and even become a licensed pilot. Whether you can fly a plane or not is determined by your ADHD treatment. 

Specifically how well you can overcome and control it, as well as how dependent you are on your meds for overcoming ADHD. If you cannot possibly survive three months without your ADHD medication, you cannot fly a plane.

What medications can you not take as a pilot?

The following medications are not permitted by the FAA: oxycodone (Percodan; Oxycontin), codeine, morphine, and hydrocodone (Vicodin, etc.). 

Tramadol and other non-narcotic pain relievers. And also Ritalin Vyvanse, Focalin, Methylin, Adderall, Concerta, and Strattera.

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