Can Pilots Smoke Weed?

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Over the past decade, weed has slowly gained more prominence within popular culture and is slowly becoming a normal part of our lives.

The stigma attached to it is slowly going away as we realize the benefits of weed as a medicine and a safe recreational drug.

But can pilots smoke weed? Does it negatively impact a highly technical and responsible job like flying a plane?

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Will the FAA ever allow weed?

The Federal Aviation Administration regulates all aviation travel and transport in the US. According to their website, weed is not federally approved although it may be legal in some states.

This is why the FAA currently does not allow the transportation of weed in public or private planes by pilots or aircraft owners as it can lead to serious legal issues.

It will be interesting to see their take on the issue if weed is federally legalized.

Does the FAA test for CBD?

The FAA currently does not allow pilots to intake CBD or CBD containing products. This is because CBD is not federally legal or regulated across the country.

According to the FAA, further research is required on the subject to approve the use of the substance.

Does TSA check for CBD?

TSA does not search for either Marijuana or CBD but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.

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Can pilots smoke weed reddit

A user asked on the subreddit r/flying if pilots could smoke or drink. Reddit user u/crosswordmoku had this to say about the issue:

Alcohol might be acceptable for pilots because it’s normalized by society. However, smoking is generally looked down upon.

This is because if you’re a heavy smoker, you might have a withdrawal issue. In the case of weed, you can start hallucinating or have an anxiety attack.

Such episodes can endanger the life of the passengers onboard.

Do pilots get drug tested?

Pilots are not forced to undergo drug tests but every airline conducts regular drug tests that they have to undergo if they wish to keep their jobs.

Alcohol is allowed post-flights, but psychoactive substances like lsd, cocaine or cannabis are strictly prohibited and will lead to termination of their employment.

How often do pilots get drug tested?

There are no clear or well-defined rules on drug testing pilots or the airline crew.

Companies conduct random drug tests throughout the year and pilots cannot refuse the drug test as long as they wish to keep their jobs.

Commercial pilots might have to undergo a drug test due to the following reasons:

  • before giving you the job of a pilot
  • Arbitrarily timed drug tests. The rates of which are usually 50%
  • After an accident
  • When they have a cause for suspecting that a pilot might be using cannabis
  • When a pilot returns to duty after a long break, because they might have taken it on their vacation.
  • When the pilot starts behaving abnormally.

Can pilots drink alcohol?

Alcohol is a socially acceptable and legal drug and is common among the social circles of pilots.

Pilots are allowed to drink alcohol although they cannot drink alcohol 8-24 hours before a flight or mid-air.

They are allowed to consume alcohol post flight or at any other time as long as they don’t have to fly an aircraft within the next 24 hours.

Consumption of alcohol is a common practice among pilots and is very prevalent in the scene. The only rules are that you have to stay sober 24 hours before an upcoming flight. 

Does the FAA drug test private pilots?

Private pilots are not subjected to regular or random drug tests. They do however have to go through a medical exam to check sugar levels or kidney diseases etc.

But this test does not check for drugs.

Private pilots maybe subjected to a drug test and a thorough investigation after an accident or misconduct.

A private employer could also demand a drug test from a private pilot in case he/she has doubts about his/her safety.

What disqualifies you from being a private pilot?

A failed medical exam could disqualify a person from being a private pilot. The medical exam however does not check for drugs in the system.

The medical exam only checks for health-related issues such as heart problems, epilepsy, bad vision, poor hearing etc.

Failing the medical exam could lead to a suspension of the pilot’s license and disqualify a person from being a private pilot.

FAQ relating to whether pilots can smoke weed

Can you become a pilot in the future if you’ve smoked weed before? 

Cannabis only stays in a human being’s system for 30 days. So, you can definitely become a pilot in future even if you’ve been a heavy smoker of cannabis in the past. 

Can Pilots smoke weed during vacations?

According to the FAA, pilots are prohibited from consuming any kind of psychoactive drug including weed. It’s not recommended for a pilot to use psychoactive drugs such as cannabis.

Although, on a vacation, a pilot may consume cannabis and get away with it because the drug can only be detected in tests up to 30 days from its consumption.

Can Pilots take CBD-infused products?

CBD-infused products do not cause the intoxicating effects of weed. These products are often used as muscle relaxants. 

The problem, however, lies in the drug tests. Drug tests for cannabis cannot differentiate between THC and CBD.

Thus, if a pilot only consumes CBD, they can still have their license revoked as they’ll test positive for cannabis consumption.

Can Pilots possess cannabis while flying?

Under Federal law, it is illegal to carry marijuana on a flight. Therefore, pilots cannot possess cannabis while flying. It can lead to revocation of their license, fines, and even imprisonment.

Are pilots allowed to smoke?

Each country’s rules differ when it comes to regulations related to pilots. But it is common practice to not allow pilots to smoke weed.

According to the FAA, pilots can smoke tobacco as it is a legal substance.

Both pilots and passengers are not allowed to smoke inside the flight since the 1980s.

Pilots were still allowed to smoke when smoking was banned for passengers but by the 1990s nobody was allowed to smoke inside a plane.

Some companies may not hire a pilot if they disclose that they are a smoker. This is for a variety of reasons.

Qatar airlines do not hire pilots that smoke for cultural reasons. Other companies might not hire pilots due to fear of the pilot going through withdrawal on a long flight.

All in all, smoking as an activity for pilots can become grounds for license revocation. Therefore, every pilot must consider the consequences before picking up the habit.

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Can you be a pilot if you have done drugs?

Yes, you can be a pilot if you have done drugs in the past. This is because drug tests only test drugs that are inside your system. Most drugs leave your system within one to three months.

Marijuana does not stay in your system for more than 5-7 days although if you are chronic user it can stay in your system for up to 30 days.

Previous drug use will not turn up in a drug test if a person has not taken them for a couple of months. Thus, it should not pose a hindrance to becoming a pilot.

However, heavy drug use that has cause long term damage to a person’s health may prevent them from becoming a pilot.

Do airline pilots get drug tested?

Commercial airlines conduct drug tests at random. Legally, a pilot can deny a drug test. However, there may be consequences of doing that.

As a pilot, you cannot really guess when a drug test will be conducted. 

These drug tests don’t follow a clear schedule to avoid pilots preparing for them beforehand. According to the FAA, psychoactive drugs such as cannabis are prohibited for pilots

Private pilots do not have to go through any drug tests except for a medical exam conducted by the FAA. This medical exam does not test for drugs.

However, a private pilot might undergo a drug test and a thorough investigation if an accident occurs. Moreover, it’s up to the employer of the pilot whether they want to conduct a

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Can you fly weed 2022?

As of 2022, you cannot smoke, or transport weed through an airplane. This is because weed is not federally legal across the USA.

In most countries, the legalization of weed is similar and there are several loopholes or limitations to the laws regarding weed.

As of 2022, the FAA is waiting on additional research on the subject of weed and its impact on a technical and highly responsible job like flying an airplane.

TSA will not check for weed specifically through your belongings during security screenings, but if they find something they have to inform the authorities.

Smoking on the plane is illegal for both pilots and passengers, although there are no rules against passengers flying while under the influence of weed.

Transporting Marijuana should be avoided at all costs if you’re a pilot.

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