Can Pilots Have Beards?

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When asked about their no-beard regulations, airlines frequently cite concerns about passenger safety. Let’s dwell a little deep into this.

In the case of an emergency, pilots are required to be able to rapidly and safely apply an oxygen mask. A pilot with a full beard may not be able to do this properly. The reason – facial hair may prevent the oxygen mask from forming a proper seal around the face.

If the cabin pressure drops at 43,000 feet, you will have approximately ten seconds of functional consciousness. During this time, a bearded pilot may not be able to fit their own mask properly. This could cause adverse effects.

Cabin pressure altitudes play an important role in flight safety. It is important that pilots put on their own oxygen mask as rapidly as humanly feasible. This is to maintain sufficient oxygen delivery.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States does not prohibit bearded pilots. However, it does caution that they might affect the efficacy of face masks by creating unintended leaks.

In other words, different beard lengths could make oxygen masks less effective.

Can Emirates pilots have beards?

Some airlines have grooming regulations for cabin staff that are famously stringent. For example, some airlines require cabin crew members to wear specific makeup and specified hair.

These grooming standards often place significant additional pressure on female crew members. Nevertheless, men are not left undetected and must conform to grooming guidelines.

They must see how they style their hair and facial hair.


Also, Emirates does not let its male cabin staff members grow facial hair, including long beards. Male cabin crew members on ultra-long-haul sectors have been asked to shave in the middle of their shifts.

The only reason was that they had begun to acquire a five o’clock shadow.

Is beard allowed in Emirates cabin crew?

If you want to work for Emirates, you must have a clean-shaven face and avoid growing stubble. This entails avoiding facial hair such as beards, mustaches, sideburns, and chin whiskers.

Middle Eastern and Asian airlines are known for their severe dress regulations and appearance requirements. This is because of the region’s strong religious and cultural traditions.

Which airlines allow pilots to have beards?

Recent study from the Simon Fraser University physiology unit in British Columbia research refuted the misconception that respirators need a hair-free surface to perform successfully.

Pilots have traditionally been thought of as the smooth-faced operators of the air. However, this myth has been discredited.

The amounts of facial hair regulation for Air Canada’s flight crew members has been updated. They are permitted neatly trimmed beards of up to 1.25 centimeters in length.

However, mustaches are still prohibited.


It was often believed that in the event of an emergency, a person’s face needed to be shaved clean. This was requisite to guarantee that an oxygen-supply mask could form a tight seal.

After receiving an application from a veteran pilot who was Sikh, Air Canada decided to delve deeper. They investigated the viability of respirators for use by people with beards.

They gave a team from the university a commission to do the study. In the fall of 2016, research participants were placed in a room that replicated elevations.

The elevation ranged from 10,000 to 25,000 feet above sea level. The participants’ facial hair went from stubble to beards grown to waist-length.

Researchers monitored the men’s blood oxygen saturation levels. They evaluated present-day equipment for sufficient protection against carbon monoxide or toxic fumes in the event of smoke in the cabin.

The guys wore two different brands of masks given by the Canadian commercial airline industry. The experiment was completely successful in every way.

How long can a pilots beard be?

Air Canada recently altered its policy regarding facial hair, allowing pilots to have beards even though other airlines do not permit them. As per new Air Canada pilots policy, pilots can grow beards up to 1.25 centimeters in length.

They must, however, keep the beards maintained and trimmed.

Can UPS pilots have beards?

In 2020, UPS relaxed many long-standing and stringent regulations. These rules were imposed on the physical appearance of its personnel who contact customers.

The new policies relaxed the formerly stringent limitations on facial hair. Formerly, it stated no beards for most employees and mustaches confined to above the crease of the lip.

It also brought reforms to the maximum length that men’s hair could be worn and hairstyles for males. Although these strict rules have been removed, no fashion statement present the wearer safety risks.


Is it hard to be a UPS pilot?

In 1988, in Louisville, Kentucky, the United Parcel Service (UPS) was established as a cargo airline in the United States. Nearly three thousand people are employed as pilots for UPS at the moment.

There are two different categories of standards, or basic qualifications, that UPS pilots must meet. There are regulatory standards that have been established by many agencies, such as the FAA, TSA, DOT, and even the FCC.

Then there are the specific qualifications that each airline has for the position.

UPS Pilot Job Requirements:

  • Degree equivalent to a bachelor’s from an approved institution.
  • Candidates having recently illustrated flight understanding in carrier-type aircraft within the last year from the date of application will be given preference.
  • At least one thousand hours of experience as a Fixed-Wing Jet Pilot in Command (PIC)
  • Type 14 CFR 1.1 jet engines turboprop aircraft (UPS will give military applicants a bonus (.3) per sortie multiplier for flying time.)

Can FedEx pilots have beards?

A policy in place at FedEx prohibited any of their employees, including aircrew oxygen delivery drivers, from growing facial hair. A Punjabi pilot who filed a lawsuit said, among other things, that Indian pilots had beards and have no trouble wearing oxygen masks.

The action was filed in the United States.

Can pilots have tattoos?

According to the ATP (Airline Transport License) Flight School, almost none of the nation’s major commercial airlines let their pilots wear visible tattoos. In general, airlines do not allow visible tattoos on passengers.

However, they may tolerate tattoos that are covered by clothes. Regarding their tattoo policies, aviation firms that are smaller on scale tend to be more forgiving.

If you fly utility aircraft, having tattoos is seldom an issue. Tattoos on the face or exposed neck areas are nearly never permitted.

Most commercial airlines have very stringent standards about visible tattoos, such as those on the forearms, neck, face, and hands. A tattoo in one of these places will undoubtedly result in the applicant’s application being turned down for the job.

This may come up during the interview when the interviewer can see the tattoos without the candidate modifying their attire.

FAQ relating to can pilots have beards

Why do pilots not have beards?

At specific times during an airplane flight, the pilots must put on supplementary oxygen masks. This applies each time the altitude is greater than 12,500 feet or if one of the pilots is flying the plane alone.

If a pilot wears a beard while also wearing an oxygen mask, there is a possibility that their facial hair may prevent the mask from fitting snugly on their face. As a result, the pilot will not get enough oxygen.

This is the argument. The aviation industry is divided on whether or not this is accurate.

However, most airlines do not take any chances regarding the well-being of their customers and employees on board their aircraft. If there is an emergency, pilots need to be able to put on their oxygen masks.

They then do all their power to ensure that the safety of the passengers is not compromised. Without supplemental oxygen, none of that is possible for them to accomplish.

Can pilots grow their hair?

With long hair, men pilots have more difficulties in the cockpit than female colleagues. Some airlines have explicit policies limiting the length of time male pilots can grow their hair.

Other airlines rely on unwritten norms and suggestions for a professional appearance at the end of the day. Men with long hair have a bad rep for seeming unprofessional and suspicious.

Aviation is still a conservative sector. Thus, a prospective pilot with long hair may face biases when applying for a license. It is important to follow Federal Aviation regulations.

Discussion boards for pilots and aviation fans are rife with anecdotes. There are comments from people who were turned away from flight school due to their hair length.

Men may still enjoy the freedom of flying an airplane and blowing their hair out in the wind, though. One option is to change industries.

When it comes to aesthetics, the commercial passenger sector of the aviation industry is the most traditional. Private, cargo and taxi pilots are subject to fewer stringent rules than commercial pilots.

As an alternative, you may see how far a specific airline will go. Some pilots will have short hair during an interview but grow it out if they get the job.

Some fly with long hair and hide it behind a pilot’s cap. Pilots willing to think outside the box can always find a way to break the regulations.

Finally, certain airlines are amenable to having pilots of both sexes with long hair. Virgin Atlantic, for one, has no hair length policy.

If a pilot doesn’t want to shave his head, he may easily find another company that won’t make him.

Why pilots are clean shaved?

As per outdated research, it was thought that a person’s face needed to be shaved for an oxygen mask to fit properly in an emergency while airborne. Parameters of our study refute this.

Maybe the outdated research was done using now obsolete equipment.

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